The BoyInSea concept is primarily an EDM electronic dance mission branching from Junie Morrison’s roots as one of the founding fathers of Detroit techno.

BoyInSea - CopyingAtlantis
BoyInSea – Copying Atlantis (2014 Reissued))


“The BoyInSea project began as an idea based in the realm of afrofuturistic, electronic dance music and sonic soundscapes that affect the visual…
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An album reminiscent of African Spirit Music infused with a distinctively futuristic vibe entitled, Abstractia.

BoyInSea - Abstractia (EP) 2016
BoyInSea – Abstractia (EP) 2016


Morrison has conceptualized an even deeper afrofuturistic vibe with his latest BoyInSea offering. He has drawn on tribal influences from around the world, both ancient and progressive and has recreated them on Abstractia, weaving them into…
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