Junie Morrison – Pretend (I Don’t Love You)

Pretend (I Don’t Love You) on Bandcamp
Written, Produced and Performed
by Junie Morrison

Sometimes you just want someone to understand how you feel. Your world has just caved in around you and you can’t breathe. Your chest is in knots, feeling like it’s filled with lead. And, each heartbeat pumps out new tears, falling hot and blistering into the empty space that was once where your love belonged.

Sometimes you just want to talk to someone about your lost romance, but you see that nobody understands, and the words won’t come. Then that song plays, and you hear it, as if for the first time. And, maybe it’s saying everything you’ve been unable to express. It talks to you. Maybe the understanding you’ve been looking for is in the music that’s playing. At first, you just listen. Then you join in, singing the words, finding your own way to heal, finding your own way back to where your smile lives.

The ballads created by Junie Morrison, have a way of affecting us this way, communicating on a personal level. Each note rings out with a longing to be acknowledged by the heart, to be felt by the soul and recognized by the mind. His melodies are unrestrained genius, his lyrics are electrifying and his arrangements masterful, revealing, perhaps, something of the real, human sensibilities behind the music.

Pretend (I Don’t Love You) written, produced and performed by Junie Morrison, draws unreservedly on deeply felt yearning. Originally created in 1995, it is a passionate combination of Soul, R&B and Country, blending heartfelt lyrics and electric guitar with rousing string accompaniments. Junie’s voice is clear and expressive, brimming with rich melodic tones.

Drawn in the summer of 2014 from Junie’s vault of previously unreleased tracks, Pretend has the impact of an intensely gorgeous classic. This song is a testament to lost love, memories and heartbreak. Pretend is also a wonderfully uplifting and ultimately satisfying song to listen to, especially when you sing along to it, real loud, country style.

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by Anna B. Sheriff

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  1. Just amazing. Your voice just fills my heart with joy. You sure know how to write a great ballad Junie. This music needs to be on physical format-PLEASE!!!!!

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