Tacheon Flow by The Algorithm


SOMEBELIEVE: Time is not imaginary but consists as particles that flow through all that is. Travel back with me.

Sizzling jazz-funk from the JunieFunk vaults. We’re rockin’ tha house with a nod to the organ led jazz and blues musings of Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack McDuff, Booker T and Bill Doggett, seasoned with that Junie vibe.

Tacheon Flow is an instrumental track which captures a time-honored feeling of R&B and jazz fusion, releasing the tachyons, as “organic” funk flows from the past into the future. After all, if you recognize not the past… you should be fearful of the future.

Written, Produced and Performed by Junie Morrison.

released August 24, 2015
Written by W. Morrison
©2009 JunieFunk Recordings, Juni Morrison Songs (BMI)
Cover Art by Anna B. Sheriff – Ki Shomen Project
– Anna B. Sheriff

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