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Vibrate You by MicroNagual feat. Junie Morrison


Vibrate You by MicroNagual is an expression of AfroFuturistic Electronic Funk for the new millennium. It comes straight from the mind of vibrophysicist, progressive, future funk evolutionist, and über producer, Junie Morrison.

Vibrate YouThis single, which is the precursor to an upcoming album, is a sizzling, tribal, electro-funk groove that challenges the bounds of EDM. The precision-cut synth low end breaks you wide open with subtle tones that dig deep into the psyche while the bone-tingling vibrations running throughout the track turn up the pressure as wave after wave comes crashing down on you, pulsating and churning, reducing you to the tiniest molecule and then building you back up again.

Vibrate You touches your human self, it resonates with you, stays with you shifting with your moods. The track is relentless and positive. Remaining true to itself and to the listener, it never has to apologize for being what it is; the ultimate, progressive, electronic funk, ever moving forward and upward.

 – Anna B. Sheriff

How To Make Your Custom Ringtone for iPhone

Once you have downloaded your song to your desktop, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.

1.   Locate the song file on your desktop and drag it into iTunes.

2.   Locate the song in your iTunes library.

3.   Right-click [Control-click] on the song. Choose ‘Create AAC Version from the drop-down menu.  iTunes will create a copy of the song in AAC format.

Note: Do not choose the ‘Create Ringtone’ option.  That is only used for songs you have purchased on the iTunes store.

4.   Select the ringtone/AAC version of your song and drag it to your desktop.

Note: if you are unsure of which version is AAC, select one of the songs, Right-click [Control-click] on it to open the drop-down menu. Go to ‘Get Info’ and click on the ‘Summary’ option. ‘Kind:’ will tell you which format of the song you have chosen.

5.  Go back to iTunes and delete the AAC version from your library.

6.   Locate your ringtone song on your desktop and long click on the name to make it editable.

7.   The file extension name shows .m4a (meaning MPEG 4a) i.e. My Favorite Ringtone.m4a. Delete the ‘a’ and replace it with an ‘r’. So it looks more like this: My Favorite Ringtone.m4r.

Note: You should also add a 1 or other number or character to the name of the ringtone so that it does not overwrite the original song. i.e. My Favorite Ringtone1.m4r.

8.   Click on the desktop to exit editable mode. A pop-up window will appear and ask: ‘Are you sure you want to change the extension from “.m4a” to m4r”. Click ‘Use .m4r’ to accept the changes you made and make the ringtone.

9.   Locate your ringtone on your desktop again.  Double-click on it. The ringtone will start playing in iTunes and should automatically appear in your iTunes Ringtones library. Stop the ringtone from playing.

10.  Locate your iPhone under ‘Devices’ and click on it.  Select the ‘Ringtones’ tab.

11.  Make sure ‘Synch ringtones’ is check-marked and either select the ‘All ringtones’ or ‘Selected ringtones’ option.

Note: if you choose, ‘Selected ringtones’ make sure that your new ringtone clicked in the list below the options, so that it will synch to your iPhone.

12.  Click the Synch button at the bottom of the window.

Funky Party Time


JST Funky Party Time

Funky Party Time by J.S. Theracon

J.S. Theracon is back y’all and funking harder than ever…

Released 11 January 2014
Written, Produced and Performed by W. Morrison
Publisher: Juni Morrison Songs/BMI
Label: MicroNagual
Cover Design: Anna B. Sheriff – Ki Shomen Project

© 2014 MicroNagual

Not since the early 1980s have we heard from the future-funky, J.S. Theracon. This artist rarely makes an appearance, but when he does, he never fails to ignite the underground Funk scene.

Funky Party Time is the debut single from the upcoming collection by J.S. Theracon entitled, Sounds Of The Speaker, released on Junie Morrison’s MicroNagual imprint.

So its official, J.S. Theracon is back, funking harder than ever and set to put a thrill to your e-lobes once again.

– Anna B. Sheriff

Copying Atlantis

BoyInSea - CopyingAtlantis

Copying Atlantis by BoyInSea

“The BoyInSea projects include an eclectic mixture of styles, like a sort of world funk. I suppose you could call it “eclectica” because of the different techniques involved in the production.”  – Junie Morrison

Originally released in 2010, Copying Atlantis from BoyInSea is an electronic soundscape project developed around a thematic vision of the future through the application of tonal expression and hardcore dance. Created and produced by Junie Morrison and released on his indie imprint, JunieFunk Recordings/MicroNagual.

This 2014 reissue also includes, Will You Dance For Me (Funk You Mix).

1.    Will You Dance For Me  07:29
2.    Stop Calling Me  08:04
3.    Mello Move  08:59
4.    Copying Atlantis  08:24
5.    Ready 4 The Ride  06:55
6.    Atomic Playboy (ToTheFuture)  07:44
7.    The Worm’s Turn  05:33
8.     Number One Nation  09:37
9.     Seeds  07:51
10.  Hey Hey (Hard Rock Mix)  08:27
11.  Will You Dance For Me (Funk You Mix)  05:54

Reissued 02 May 2014
Written, Produced and Performed by W. Morrison
Publisher: Juni Morrison Songs/BMI
Label: JunieFunk Recordings/MicroNagual
Cover Design: Anna B. Sheriff – Ki Shomen Project

© 2010 JunieFunk Recordings/MicroNagual

– Anna B. Sheriff

iPadian Funk is a Reality


Tekadelic - GoodForU

iPadian Funk is a reality.
Good For U by Tekadelic

Written and Produced by Junie Morrison
© 2013 JunieFunk Recordings/MicroNagual
Cover Design by Anna B. Sheriff – Ki Shomen Project

Tekadelic is an experimental TechnoFunk concept created and produced by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Junie Morrison.

“I believe that it’s impossible to “out-bass” the bass that’s in your mind, so I just like Funkin’ with it!”
– Junie Morrison

 In this world of wired/wireless communications, we are living the greatest contradiction ever.  We crave the organic, the natural, while simultaneously yearning for the promise of self-fulfillment offered by the bits and bytes that we have become so attached to.

Case in point, the debut single from Tekadelic entitled, Good For U, created and produced by Junie Morrison faces this contradiction head-on with a blend of growling vocals and fuzz guitars overlaid onto a luscious platter of electronic dance beats and energetic synths that jump out at you, all this, plus the classic and very famous, Funk clap.

Good For U is an audacious track that switches a light on in your head to make you groove from beginning to end.


– Anna B. Sheriff