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Copying Atlantis

BoyInSea - CopyingAtlantis

Copying Atlantis by BoyInSea

“The BoyInSea projects include an eclectic mixture of styles, like a sort of world funk. I suppose you could call it “eclectica” because of the different techniques involved in the production.”  – Junie Morrison

Originally released in 2010, Copying Atlantis from BoyInSea is an electronic soundscape project developed around a thematic vision of the future through the application of tonal expression and hardcore dance. Created and produced by Junie Morrison and released on his indie imprint, JunieFunk Recordings/MicroNagual.

This 2014 reissue also includes, Will You Dance For Me (Funk You Mix).

1.    Will You Dance For Me  07:29
2.    Stop Calling Me  08:04
3.    Mello Move  08:59
4.    Copying Atlantis  08:24
5.    Ready 4 The Ride  06:55
6.    Atomic Playboy (ToTheFuture)  07:44
7.    The Worm’s Turn  05:33
8.     Number One Nation  09:37
9.     Seeds  07:51
10.  Hey Hey (Hard Rock Mix)  08:27
11.  Will You Dance For Me (Funk You Mix)  05:54

Reissued 02 May 2014
Written, Produced and Performed by W. Morrison
Publisher: Juni Morrison Songs/BMI
Label: JunieFunk Recordings/MicroNagual
Cover Design: Anna B. Sheriff – Ki Shomen Project

© 2010 JunieFunk Recordings/MicroNagual

– Anna B. Sheriff

Pro Tools Parent Company Avid Delisted From NASDAQ


Many people can consider themselves “avid listeners” when it comes to music but the company that many in the business consider to be the “go-to product” for music production, may be hitting sour note.

Avid, the company that the majority of musicians know for their very fine product “Pro-Tools” has been de-listed from NASDAQ.  This news is not good for producers and musicians who use this longstanding product.

The financial site known as The Street was said to have reported recently, that Avid received a letter from NASDAQ, delisting them from the stock exchange.

Most insiders consider that the company, which also owns the music notation program, Sibelius, as well as other Avid hardware and software products, believe that this delisting is perhaps “not entirely about the company’s products alone.”

This is comes as quite a shock to most in the industry as the company sports a long list of Grammy award winners and technical awards, as well.

I expect that in the next few weeks, we will hear from many loyal Pro Tools users, about this most crucial news.


The New Vinyl Revolution

Record Pressing MachineInterestingly enough, statistics show that vinyl record sales have been growing over the last several years.  We would think that this resurgence is good news for our record collections and for the record pressing industry, as well.  One could also see that this would go hand in hand with a record manufacturing resurgence but it seems that instead of showing growth, the record manufacturing industry continues to shrink.

Statistics also indicate that there may be a shortage of pressing plants currently in operation with no new development in companies that previously manufactured the tools and parts needed to service and repair the equipment used for pressing records.

As a result, most investigations into this situation show that many of the remaining plants are being cannibalized by newer entrants and even more established players in the manufacturing business, in order to obtain bits and pieces of gear needed to repair parts of their own decaying systems.

Another study suggests that there may only be around 12 or 13 pressing facilities left in the US, with another handful spread across the rest of the world.

Having said that, and looking from the standpoint of artists wishing to have their music pressed to the vinyl medium, this production process may ultimately cost more than the amount that can be charged for each record.  An interesting phenomenon, to say the least.

Considering this, my question is, do you think that this industry should have another chance at being an important part of our musical growth and awareness?

– JM