Vibrate You by MicroNagual feat. Junie Morrison


Vibrate You by MicroNagual is an expression of AfroFuturistic Electronic Funk for the new millennium. It comes straight from the mind of vibrophysicist, progressive, future funk evolutionist, and über producer, Junie Morrison.

Vibrate YouThis single, which is the precursor to an upcoming album, is a sizzling, tribal, electro-funk groove that challenges the bounds of EDM. The precision-cut synth low end breaks you wide open with subtle tones that dig deep into the psyche while the bone-tingling vibrations running throughout the track turn up the pressure as wave after wave comes crashing down on you, pulsating and churning, reducing you to the tiniest molecule and then building you back up again.

Vibrate You touches your human self, it resonates with you, stays with you shifting with your moods. The track is relentless and positive. Remaining true to itself and to the listener, it never has to apologize for being what it is; the ultimate, progressive, electronic funk, ever moving forward and upward.

 – Anna B. Sheriff

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