When The City

When The City

When The City by Junie Morrison
When The City on iTunes

The septenary chapter in the “Junie” series delivers a crushing blow to the world of electro-funk,  with biting horns and funky technoid synths over growling bass lines.

1.   When The City
2.   Booty 4-2
3.    Friends
4.    Now And Evermore
5.    L.A. Stories
6.    Robot Love
7.    I’m Lying
8.    Discreet
9.    That Dress
10.  When The City (ride mix)
11.  Cloud Sorcerer’s Lament

Released 2004
Written, Produced and Performed by W. Morrison
Publisher: Juni Morrison Songs/BMI
Label: JunieFunk Recordings
Cover Concept Design: Annyash
Cover Art: Overton Loyd

© 2004 JunieFunk Recordings

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