Junie Morrison1997 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Junie Morrison is known as the “force behind the groove.”  Creator of “The Funky Worm” and “Ecstasy” by Ohio Players.  Morrison is also co-creator, writer and producer of “One Nation (Under A Groove)” and “(Not Just) Knee Deep” by Parliament Funkadelic.

Junie Morrison is a song writer, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist who has mastered the uncanny ability to maneuver between music cultures.  This has afforded him the opportunity to produce releases that span a number of genres from funk to rock, country to pop music and techno.  He is a self-motivated member of the funk music aristocracy with a vibrant, subcultural fan-base.

Throughout his career, Morrison has not only produced innumerable projects as a solo artist, and as a writer, performer, producer and music director with the groups mentioned above, but also as a writer and producer for an assortment of other famous recording artists.  His understanding of individual instruments and their role in creating a great song is aided not only by his ability to play those instruments himself, but makes itself apparent through his meticulous attention to detail as an arranger.

Junie Morrison’s most recent solo projects, released on his own label include, the funk/rnb album When The City, a techno/dance album, Copying Atlantis released under the artist name of BoyInSea, and the first single, The Body Savage, an rnb slow jam from his upcoming 2014 collection.

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