Contemplating: The Creative

Contemplating: The Creative
from Junie Morrison

Contemplating: The Creative

A thought breaking the silence seems to come from nowhere. The music that brings the thought seems to be everywhere. Together they move, flowing ever on; thought and music, creating a meditation song… by Anna B. Sheriff

Contemplating: The Creative, is part of a triune of meditative audio-visual works, created by Junie Morrison.

Video: Contemplating: The Creative
Produced and Directed by Walt “Junie” Morrison
Co-Produced by Annyash Arriffe
Music: The Creative
Composed and Performed by Walt “Junie” Morrison
© Copyright Juni Morrison Songs/BMI
Poetry: The Creative
Written by Walt Morrison

Soundtrack to this project available on The JuniePopUp Store:

One thought on “Contemplating: The Creative”

  1. Very nice Junie. Love, Truth and Understanding the basic beginnings
    of the Concept of Life. The words from my late Father Blues Guitarists Robert Ward. I thought about that as I watched and listened to your
    Comtemplating; The Creative.

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