Funky Worm – Ohio Players

Funky Worm PromoFunky Worm by Ohio Players.
Released on Pleasure
(Westbound, 1972)

“Never forget where you came from.” – JM

Upon its release in 1972, as part of the Ohio Players’ sophomore album, Pleasure, this ground-breaking and ultra-funky song went massive and was the first hit from Pleasure to become a platinum seller.

Ohio Pplayers PleasurePleasure, Ohio Players

Funky Worm was written and produced by Junie Morrison, who also performs the voice of Granny and the “worm sound” on synthesizer. The “worm sound” created by Morrison, has since been much imitated, sampled and repurposed by both hip-hop artists and music FX plugin creators all over the musicverse. – P.Neal.

Jump by Kris Kross

Edit: Wow! A day or so after posting this article, Dre suddenly started talking about The Funky Worm infusion in hip-hop music on his radio show, The Pharmacy. Here’s a quick sound bite:

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  1. Your voice is also sampled on Tribe Called Quest’s “Senario remix”….(ecstasy)….ironically they sampled Kool And The Gangs “funky granny”…(horns)

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