J.S. Theracon

“Music carries with it an immense purpose, the effects of which stretch far beyond the expectations of the artists who create it.”

– Junie Morrison


J.S. Theracon
(single – Sounds of The Speaker)


Not since the early 1980s have we heard from the future-funky, J.S. Theracon. This artist rarely makes an appearance, but when he does, he never fails to ignite the underground Funk scene.Funky Party Time is the debut single from the upcoming collection by J.S. Theracon entitled, Sounds Of The Speaker, released on Junie Morrison’s MicroNagual imprint.

So its official, J.S. Theracon is back, funking harder than ever and set to put a thrill to your e-lobes once again.

Released on MicroNagual.
© 2014 MicroNagual

– Anna B. Sheriff

Released January 11, 2014
Written, Produced and Performed by W. Morrison
Publisher: Juni Morrison Songs/BMI
Label: MicroNagual
Cover Design: Anna B. Sheriff – Ki Shomen Project

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