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Social commentary has always been one of my main goals inside the music I create.  Lots of times, at my age, then, it was very hard to discern what was proper in the eyes of the public and what would be considered “in bad taste”.  Back in the day, what I may have flirted with and deemed to be racy and somewhat bad in taste would pale by comparison to what the average listener hears today.  Having said that, deciding to tackle the aspect and impact of the “groupie” was one of those delicate commentaries that I chose to explore.

Therefore, doing most of my early recordings in Detroit required that I, as a solo musician, would ultimately have to compete with pianists, drummers and bass players etc. from that city. Detroit had some great bassists, most notably, James Jamerson Sr.

Suzie Thundertussy by Junie Morrison
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As a Detroit “bass player” I felt it was important to know the techniques of the other players in that great city in order to tell the musical stories I wanted to tell.  So it was, with Suzie Thundertussy.  This track represents, to me, the most fun I’ve had playing bass on a session.

Having had the good fortune to work with the great bassist and teacher, Marshall Jones, of the Ohio Players, provided a fantastic opportunity to learn other aspects of my passion for what great bass players do.  Having said that, I hope I also contributed something to our association through adding my own desire and techniques to the mix, as well.

Marshall Jones of The Ohio Players

In the years before I actually could afford my own bass, it was Mr. Jones who provided me with first class bass instruments to practice with. Marshall would always say “Sure, you can take this bass home with you for practicing, but bring it back within two days!”  I’d be like…”Ok.”

Marshall would be like…”Take this book of progressions with you and be sure to practice them!”  I’d be like…”Ok.”

Give and take is really important.

So, I now present to you Suzie Thundertussy a mixture of techniques from two of my favorite bassists, Mr. James Jamerson Sr., and Mr. Marshall Jones.


Suzie Thundertussy
Written by W. Morrison
Produced by Junie Morrison
@1974-1975 Juni Morrison Songs/Bridgeport Music Inc. (BMI)
Cover Art by Ki Shomen

Marvin Gaye – Whats Going On with James Jamerson on Bass

“Detroit had some great bassists, most notably, James Jamerson Sr.” -JM

James Jamerson, Bass Player

“As a Detroit “bass player” I felt it was important to know the techniques of the other players in that great city…” -JM

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4 thoughts on “Suzie Thundertussy and Bass Players”

  1. Wow!
    So what did people say when you said we want your p…y in those days?
    Is your bass approach 1 finger, or four?

  2. Hi Junie,
    YOU are one the greatest bass players of ALL-TIME! I love the “tightness” in your playing. I know you played all the bass parts on your songs that were on Motor Booty-esp “Deep” along with everything else. Electric Spanking- shit. So Dope! Michael Curry

  3. This is really cool to read because THIS SONG happens to be my personal all-time favorite Junie bass line (Taste of Love is a very close second) and one that has been pretty influential in my own playing. Ever since I first heard the 45, way way back . . .

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