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Tacheon Flow by The Algorithm


SOMEBELIEVE: Time is not imaginary but consists as particles that flow through all that is. Travel back with me.

Sizzling jazz-funk from the JunieFunk vaults. We’re rockin’ tha house with a nod to the organ led jazz and blues musings of Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack McDuff, Booker T and Bill Doggett, seasoned with that Junie vibe.

Tacheon Flow is an instrumental track which captures a time-honored feeling of R&B and jazz fusion, releasing the tachyons, as “organic” funk flows from the past into the future. After all, if you recognize not the past… you should be fearful of the future.

Written, Produced and Performed by Junie Morrison.

released August 24, 2015
Written by W. Morrison
©2009 JunieFunk Recordings, Juni Morrison Songs (BMI)
Cover Art by Anna B. Sheriff – Ki Shomen Project
– Anna B. Sheriff

It’s True! Black Girls Rock. They Also Jazz…

It’s definitely true that black girls rock.  Hopefully you are aware that black girls also jazz.

Today, the spotlight is on three of the hottest, most incredibly talented lady artists in the world of professional African American Music:

Esperanza Spalding, Geri Allen and Terri Lyne Carrington.


Four-time Grammy Award winning recording artist,
jazz bassist, cellist, vocalist and composer.


Award-winning jazz pianist, composer, music producer and an Associate Professor of Music with a master’s degree in ethnomusicology.


Grammy award winning drummer,
composer, producer and bandleader.

Y’know, rather than talk, just gonna let their performance speak for itself.

Geri Allen, Esperanza Spalding, Terri Lyne Carrington
Jazz in Marciac – Unconditional Love

For more information about these awesome artists visit:


Daydreamers by The Algorithm

The Daydreamers from The Algorithm
Written Produced and Performed
by Junie Morrison

In the days before electronic downloads had reached such a frenzied state of popularity among internet users, Junie Morrison was already doing his thing; computer programming, building his online presence, developing websites, not only for himself, but also for others. He put a lot of time into creating forums to connect with his fans and making fun interactive music devices for his visitors to play with, teaching and sharing ideas, among a ton of other projects.

Meanwhile, Morrison was also making music. And, true to his nature as an innovator and creative force in the music industry, he has built an extensive and diverse catalog, having written, produced and performed projects that venture across a range of genres, including, Afrofuturist-funk tracks like, Funky Party Time, EDM in the form of Copying Atlantis, techno-funk; an early example being, Techno-Fréqs, and experimental R&B songs such as, Loving Arms, not to mention country songs like, Pretend and many more that surpass the impeccable standards of output expected from any single professional, multi-instrumentalist in the business. As such, Morrison always stays relevant, releasing many of his projects under various pseudonyms, each one crafted to suit the style being presented to his audiences.

So, this brings us to the present.

Fresh outta Junie Morrison’s vault of previously unreleased songs, all of which are jostling for position and ready to burst onto the scene, comes The Daydreamers.

Released today on Bandcamp, under the alias, The Algorithm, The Daydreamers is Morrison’s way of letting us in on the secret; that music, complete with orchestration and live vocals, is still as relevant today as it was back in 1999 when he first crafted this smooth, jazz-funk masterpiece.

The Daydreamers is an exciting listen. It’s mostly instrumental, with creamy free-flowing acoustic guitar lead lines offering a hint of latin rhythms, accompanied by atmospheric strings and clean vocals on the choruses. The exhilarating organ solo at the bridge mashes so hard it hurts, while the energetic horn section sparkles brightly, lifting your spirits to new heights.

There is no doubt that The Daydreamers by The Algorithm is a beautiful piece of music. It takes you gently by the hand and leads you through a land of yearning, love and fulfillment. It’s a romantic journey, riding on a foot-tapping groove. It doesn’t judge you, it reaches out to you, hoping to remind you that at heart, we are all daydreamers.

– Anna B. Sheriff

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