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How To Use Pre Fader Metering In Logic

You’ve often heard me mention using Pre Fader Metering in order to give a truer representation of the level your software instruments (plugins) are sending.

Post Fader metering may not give an adequate representation of any clipping that may be occurring. Clipping is bad and many audio programs default to a Post Fader view.

In Logic, for instance, using this setting (Pre Fader Metering) will allow you to see if your levels are clipping or that your input is applying too much gain, by giving you a true picture of what your input actually looks like.

To activate Pre Fader Metering, control click on your Transport Bar and choose Pre Fader Metering from the popup list.

Transport Bar Preferences
Transport Bar Preferences in Logic

This will give you an extra icon on your transport bar.

Logic Transport Bar Segment
Logic Transport Bar Segment

Be sure to click this icon to enable Pre Fader Metering.

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