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Mom, Dad, “I need…”

ripe organ

When I was coming up, my folks did what ever they could to make sure that I had the instruments that I needed.  I’m not sure how they classified “needed” but that didn’t seem to change the fact that “needed” was the operative word.  My folks’ house already had a piano that I “needed” from when I was quite small.  I’d have to say that I still don’t know how they managed to get this gigantic upright piano into the basement (my lair) but somehow they did. “Mom, dad, I need a guitar.”  Somehow, it would show up.  Blessings on them.

Having said that, one day, after listening to Booker T and the MGs on WDAO, it occurred to me that I needed an organ.

Now, I must say that I was not spoiled, nor could my folks afford something that a spoiled brat would ask for.  Somehow they believed in and trusted me when I would request something to be creative with.

Once again, shortly after my request and upon returning home from school, I discovered an organ in our living room.  Not my basement lair mind you but the living room.  ( curiously so )  Right, I thought. Now the magic can begin.  To make a short story long, I sounded a bit like Aunt B from Mayberry on that bad boy… and I knew it.

“Mom, Dad, I do not need an organ after all.”  As if the reverse of my magic words would have an effect, and on my return from school the next day, said organ had magically disappeared.  To this day I don’t know how they managed to do these things but the evidence is clear.
I secretly vowed to one day, tame that beastly organ and emerge victorious after my ghastly and costly defeat.

Just as those particles flowed from the past, gaining momentum, now in the future, I present to you: Tacheon Flow.  Hope you like!


Tacheon Flow
by The Algorithm
Written, Produced and Performed
by Junie Morrison

©2009 JunieFunk Recordings, Juni Morrison Songs (BMI)

Sizzling jazz-funk from the JunieFunk vaults. We’re rockin’ tha house with a nod to the organ led jazz and blues musings of Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack McDuff, Booker T and Bill Doggett, seasoned with that Junie vibe.

Tacheon Flow is an instrumental track which captures a time-honored feeling of R&B and jazz fusion, releasing the tachyons, as “organic” funk flows from the past into the future.  After all, if you recognize not the past… you should be fearful of the future.

Buy Tacheon Flow at The Junie PopUp Store on Bandcamp

In case you want to check out the afore mentioned organ maestros, here you go:

Jimmy Smith

Jack McDuff

Booker T 

Bill Doggett
Buy Tacheon Flow at The Junie PopUp Store on Bandcamp
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